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    Kona Coffee Beans by Gourmet

    Kona Coffee is a very rare commodity. It is the most expensive Arabica coffee grown anywhere in the world. Kona coffee beans is grown on a small farm averaging around 5 acres in Hawaii. Kona is also known as Koa, which is Hawaiian for golden color, and the finest of the Kona coffees are grown here.


    Kona is a delicate blend of several different kinds of coffee that were all grown by a single farmer. The coffee beans are hand picked and fermented to their full potential in order to ensure that they are truly unique. This unique combination results in Kona that is truly a "super-bean" in taste.


    Kona is one of those coffees where there really isn't much need to brew it over fresh hot water. The flavor is so rich and so aromatic, that you will want to drink it straight from the container, or even cold. Many of the Kona coffees are aged between three months to a year, depending on the growing conditions of the coffee. Many Kona coffees also use several different kinds of aging processes that affect the overall flavor and aroma. Some have additional processing to improve the appearance of the coffee.


    One thing that you really need to know about Kona is that it is grown by smaller, more tightly operated farms than most other coffees. They do not use the same mechanization that larger coffee farmers use. This means that Kona is much less likely to get contaminated by chemicals and pesticides that are often used on coffee grown by large estates.


    In fact, Kona has its own specific department within the International Coffee Association. Their mission is to regulate and protect the growing practices of Kona Coffee. This department makes sure that farmers have been given a fair deal for the amount of labor that is used on Kona. They also require farmers to use as many natural pesticides as possible.


    Kona is also grown in a special growing area of Hawaii, called the "Island of Eternal Sunshine". This is a region that has the perfect combination of high altitude and warm weather. This helps the Kona grow much more quickly than other coffee plants, allowing them to produce a lot more coffee per acre. than other coffees. Kona Coffee Beans by Gourmet is a company that has helped increase this availability, and taste, and quality of Kona Coffee in the United States.